Entirely unexpected—the flash, as well as its implications—it was, but I am not the type to back down from such a challenge. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; this picture, innocuous and impulsive at its inception, puts another vibrant stroke to the inflating caricature of nerdy, profound, and belligerent teenagers, such as I, and further substantiates how my fellow ex-classmates want to hear my “interesting” thoughts about myself, the world, random internet memes, movies & music, man crushes, philosophy, cat videos, fast food donuts, ideologies, etc. Well, here I am. Read “About Luke” and you will get a hint of what is to unfold within this blog. Earlier this summer, my vain attempt at learning HTML was thwarted by the perpetual struggle of playing too much soccer (really, soccer gets in the way of so many activities and interests). I mention this because, as of now, my blog has absolutely no flair, style, or color. Mwhahaha, those of you down the years—during which I’ll have gained thousands of followers (just kidding, but not really)—reading this blog post won’t make any sense of that last sentence ’cause my blog will have a very fruitful style by then. Back to the introduction: I just graduated from Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX and will be attending Baylor University in Waco, TX for the next four years. I have about one month left until I leave, a part-time job (which consists of pretty much not working ever nowadays), a cat at my side, plenty of Doritos Nacho Cheese, and lots of stories to tell—and to create. I’m happy to be here and I hope to see you soon, pals. ~Make sure to follow, share, like, comment, whatever.~