My blog and I have reached our one year anniversary, and it’s safe to say things are finally taking off. Since this WordPress inception, I have garnered countless haters and immature criticisms, but they are far outmatched out by the 20,000 views and 700 followers you supporters bestowed me. Also, the reception to my bipolar post was especially tremendous. Thanks for making my summer great. Now then, I have a few announcements to make:

-In celebration of the one year, I changed my blog’s theme and format. Especially on mobile devices, it is now a lot easier to maneuver through.

-I updated my “About” page and added a “Contact” section to it, which will be helpful for those of you who can’t figure out how to follow my blog.

-I also added a “Gallery” to the home menu. I figured it’d be fun to document bits and pieces of my life using some iCloud and Facebook photos; maybe it was an inherently narcissistic thing to do, but now I’ll have a solid gallery to proudly display to my kids and grandchildren (provided that I actually find a wife some day)! If you know me well, you just might see yourself in the gallery!

-Now that I receive more views from WordPress and other internet users than from my Facebook friends, I’ll be able to post more frequently about a more assorted range of topics. I was always afraid of over-posting on Facebook—plus I come from a culturally homogeneous community (though I still love HP!)—so I always had to refrain from discussing anything controversial. Now I won’t have to hold myself back in terms of quality or quantity! Still, I have plenty of friends and family members who will shake their heads upon reading this very paragraph, but that’s not my problem. Living under the snug covers of an understated, uncontroversial profile is perfect for many—but I’d prefer to make a few gambles with this “brave new world.”

-If you saw my last post about the TV shows “Mr. Robot” and “The Night Of,” know that the episodes released since then have been phenomenal. Check them out!

Well, that’s it for now. I’m drafting some ideas and will try to do more posts—each being shorter than some of my past ones—for the rest of this summer.

In the meantime: I recently rediscovered the indie band Grizzly Bear (shoutout to Patrick Kelly for igniting that rediscovery) and have been salivating over a few of their albums. Everybody knows their hit single “Two Weeks,” so here are a few of their other songs. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading and please squeeze those precious seconds of your day to like, comment, share, and follow if possible.