Thanks to rapid globalization, unrestricted media brainwashing, blind Internet cynicism, and a viscous blend of other causes, ostensible pain and pessimism are rampant in every corner of this pale blue dot on which we live.

Earth’s media conglomerates categorically hustle every trivial bit of news into a multi-partisan political gridlock; the Middle East is still imploding; hermit kingdoms, e.g. North Korea and Belarus, continue to subjugate those who happened to break into this world within their borders; other babies are raised “conservative” or “liberal” and “religious” or “irreligious,” depending largely on the parents, and gradually initiated into an environment of attacking the other side with little empathy and research, yet plenty of ad hominem and straw men arguments; and those who don’t regurgitate those detestable “arguments” are often too disillusioned by controversial discourse to even verbally caress politics… or religion… or philosophy—or anything else that’s complex, really.

Moreover, it’s not just the political climate that’s pulling us down. Prescription drugs are tossed out to hundreds of millions like popcorn at a football game—as if everyone needs to be on something—and the pharmaceutical industry is happy to shoot medicine prices up whenever, too; artists are made fun of for expressing themselves and being unique; nobody is shocked when 100 people are killed by terrorists; it’s anomalous to see nobody taking offense to a petty joke; everyone, especially the inadequately-educated majority, on social media is angry; empirically proven climate change is systematically denied by businesses that profit from damaging our planet, and lots of morons listen to them; Kanye and Kim West have beef with Taylor Swift (and it’s extremely important, obviously); the NSA has your emails, phone calls, and internet searches stored in some offshore data center—don’t forget its random drone strikes and everything else Edward Snowden leaked, as well; yearly, over one million people kill themselves- these two paragraphs are the product of one lucid, late-night, and Luke Atkins-level-of-intensity writing lucubration, but we could spend our whole lives identifying our many perceived trials and tribulations.

1421757030961-cachedPain and pessimism. (Image comes from Creative Commons.)

In response to everything above, my comment is that it’s easy to feel cynical, angry, and/or offended about “everything,” so to speak, but—and I’ve continuously discovered this—incautiously projecting such feelings is ALWAYS unnecessary, ineffective, and/or misguided. Moreover, those feelings aren’t your reality anyway; they’re all part of a web of delusions, one that is circulated throughout your head and on your electronic screens and in your neighbors’ words.

Besides, humanity is at a collective all-time peak right now. Smartphones, planes, and access to healthy water are widespread. Women and other minorities are starting to win battles against ignorant oppressors. Theocracies aren’t sprouting up and convincing/forcing the naive masses into worshiping false idols. Nine out of ten adult humans are literate. Life expectancy rates are soaring, while infant mortality rates are dipping. You can wake up in an air conditioned hotel, use an app on a smartphone to get a ride to the airport, and fly across the world in hours (in feudal Europe, for example, peasants never ventured more than a mile away from their “home”). We build rocket ships and send men to space. Teenagers aren’t forced into drafts and killed in illegitimate wars. Incredible new art—in music, film, literature, theater, painting, and the like—is brought into the light every moment. The eternal list continues…

I don’t like the notion of sightless chauvinism, but, government issues aside, the United States of America is doing extremely well too. My country is at its highest climax ever, and it will definitely not capitulate under the uninspired query of whether or not America is “Great.” The U.S. economy has recovered from the Great Recession of 2007-09, and it is now flourishing—with booming Stock Market, employment, and GDP rates. The American Dollar is dominating, while other Western currencies are diminishing. Homeowners aren’t getting screwed by flaccid subprime mortgages—and the unregulated banks that eagerly spat them out a decade ago. We also don’t  have puppets like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Alan Greenspan blatantly lying to us on national television (a liberal, a conservative, and a libertarian—all in the same group!). The evanescent corruption of Wall Street is now scrutinized under the public eye. Cast out all the fear-mongering and hype and we’re doing well enough, politically.

Again, “political climate” aside, we Americans have an overabundance of other things to be happy about. Our music, movies, and technology are the core of world culture. Our people—politicians, celebrities, businessmen, artists, etc.—are the role models of billions. Our businesses fuel jobs, serve meals, and push every industry everywhere. Many immigrants have the U.S. at the top of their mental lists of countries to try and settle in. Needless to say, the list continues…

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Runway
Success. Even some of our most infamous celebrities have profoundly influenced music, clothing, businesses, etc.—in creative, benevolent ways. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3.)

In summary, there is a lot to complain about and a whole lot to relish; of course, muddling around on the complaining side will hinder progress, darken what’s good in this world, and make your—and my—matters worse. This isn’t to say that you should pack your bags and go to happy la la land, where, as they say, “ignorance is bliss.” Anybody who knows me knows that my default mental state is one of the most negative, critical ones in the world, and I’m not saying you should sanitize yourself of negativity (in fact, I’m saying quite the opposite, so bear with me). Negativity is one of the world’s most decisive weapons for progress—and I’m never going to wade in a urine-pestered pool of blind complacency—but we must use it wisely. Naturally, this persistent motif of modern “cynicism” (the worthless negative crap you see on phones, campaign slogans, etc.) is not a wise use. In fact, it’s an enemy of progress. And there are lots of improvements I, and all of you, would like to see regarding our countries, lives, and world, but aimlessly shouting that those three things, millennials, the economy, or whatever else all “suck”—for whatever unfounded reasons you have—will not promote any growth; it will continue to divide, disillusion, and distract the people.

I’d love to spend all day clarifying why I think we got to this state of glamorous, ubiquitous negativity (plus what it consists of and how to solve it), but I don’t want to overwhelm you all with another long discourse. So, my final points are in the following three sentences. I aspire to become a famous author because I want to unleash change, of many forms and manifestations, in this world, but—as I’ve regularly observed—nonconstructive criticism PREVENTS such change. Likewise, a large reason this blog exists is because I’m tired of this molded, miscarried ideology of constant negativity our Internet-era society has gradually bred within our brains (to the same degree, notice how my posts always end with optimism), and I’d rather salvage every moment to inspire many than to sit on the bleachers and contribute to a collective overflow of worthless cynicism. Judging by this blog’s recent success, I know many of you are fed up with the aforementioned social construct too, so let’s release ourselves on the world; let’s sweep all the fleeting, impotent cynicism away and replace it with beneficial rhetoric—everything from viable negativity to cultivated, altruistic optimism.

2001__a_space_odyssey_by_robertmeadows-d8wzezb Humanity and its technology are exploring uncharted territories—and we’ve seen the repercussions—but, at the end of the day, we gon’ be alright. Creative Commons again (I’m sure you’ll know which film this photo is from).

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