The Renaissance drenched the roots of a dull Feudal Europe with magic and let it blossom into the most beautiful flower Earth had ever seen. It was man’s Yellowstone, a colossal cultural explosion that stormed the lands for thousands of miles. It catapulted art, science, literature, architecture, and philosophy far beyond their perceived boundaries. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael—three dynamic polymaths whose aggregated effect on mankind boils every century—fought to be the most perfect genius ever. Machiavelli and Thomas More resurrected Greek Thinkers, using their ideas to critique present governments. Intellectuals gradually composed modern science. Accounting was invented, and knowledge-based economics flourished. Brunelleschi—another of the many polymaths—created his Duomo. Columbus sailed West. Education poured into the masses. The Gutenberg Press started mass communication, AKA what I do. The Renaissance has stirred the world in every second of the last 600 years—especially throughout 2016.

Pictured at Kauai’s northern tip, I have really soaked up my 2016—literally and figuratively.

The Renaissance and I are in a serious relationship. A history major, I’m fascinated by the origins of Renaissance origins—from a certain art contest to the westward migration of Greco-Roman literature amid Constantintople’s collapse. An art fanatic, I can ramble about everything from early 1400’s Italian sculptors to Dutch Baroque painters. A chronic Florence tourist, I once met a Habsburg prince there. I’ve learned to scorn Savonarola and Pope Julius II. Michelangelo (pronounced MeKELangelo) is my second favorite artist, and Leonardo da Vinci’s creative zeal overwhelms me. Besides who wouldn’t admire the era that incited the Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution, 1789 French Revolution, and Reformation?


I see our modern era as a “Neorenaissance“—as you’ll see in my new Home Page. “The Internet’s birth has rapidly expedited millennia of human progress within two decades, and we are at its forefront: a ‘Neorenaissance’ of sorts! We can learn about anything recorded in man’s 195,000+ years; the Internet can bring you friends, hobbies, opinions, news, and my thoughts; and social media’s vivacity is endless. Moreover, we know technology will continue to exponentially increase. Surely, we must be dwelling in some form of Neorenaissance, and I know this from experience—as my iPhone brought me a titanic bulk of the things I know and enjoy.”

Both of these Renaissances have now collided on my site. Though recently AWOL due to mental and cardiovascular health issues, I am healthy again and ready to amplify the blog. I’ve updated the home page, about page, menus, a few posts, and my web domain.


After staring into my phone for way too long, I am happy to announce that the new domain is NEORENAISSANCEMAN.COM. Check out my refurbished online universe!

I voted this morning and wish you all—politics aside—a good Election Day. Thanks for reading and please squeeze those precious seconds of your day to like, comment, share, and follow if possible.