1. I am officially transferring from Baylor to BOSTON UNIVERSITY!!! I will major in English & history and, if I somehow manage to stack up enough summer school credits, minor in film. Spent the first half of my college life at one BU, and in September I will begin the other half at the other BU (AKA “The Real BU”). Go Terriers!
  2. I am working on my first book, Seven Months, in Dallas this summer! It is a hyper-realist, dystopian full-length novel—a quasi-fictional blend between Salinger’s A Catcher in the Rye and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest—based on the craziest seven months of my life. The timeline is December of 2012 through June of 2013, back when I was a 16-year-old in high school. And I will devote it to fellow young humans as they face the hardships of growing up in the modern technological era—I too having continuously dealt with major mental health issues ever since those wild months—but you can expect quite an abundance of humor, social commentary, high school shenanigans (you HP friends might even find yourself indirectly referenced in the mix), and cultural references that people of all ages and all backgrounds will enjoy throughout the 200-ish pages. Never in my life will I work so hard on a project as I will on this, so you won’t be let down. You will find it available for purchase on Amazon in roughly 12 months from today!
  3. My photography and music making interests are rising up! Will share Soundcloud remixes as they come. Meanwhile, follow my Instagram accounts—@lukesfrostedflakes and @modernmediaart—if you want some crazy-colored photo art. And in light of both interests: This post’s featured photo is an edit on a shot from Frank Ocean’s music video for one of the best songs of the century, “Pyramids” (a single from his extremely acclaimed LP, “Channel Orange”), whose 5th birthday is coming up. Below is a link for the epic 10-minute masterpiece—written and produced by the R&B genius himself, Frank; weaving two 5-minute halves into an extremely important narrative about the evolution and exploitation of the African woman (check out this beautiful line-by-line lyrical analysis); and filled with perfect production, clever twists, a random John Mayer guitar solo, etc. Lately, I haven’t stopped listening to this genius singer-songwriter/R&B artist/rapper and wanted to share just for fun!
  4. Sorry for the drought. I’ve been largely absent from this blog in the last seven months because they combined for the second hardest time period in my life, but the struggles are finally over. Throughout summer, you’ll find poems, political commentary, inspirational posts (including a ton of sweet Youtube videos), other reviews/tips (including for other aspiring writers), and lots of music & film reviews. Mark my words this time. Besides, my new set of entire career ambitions as a blogger, journalist (for soccer and politics), film+music critic, and—most importantly—author are the reasons I recently focused solely on getting into BU!


Cheers to a less stressful and more fun summer.

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