Is “reality”

real if “all” that we know is

a social construct?


And we must have no

existential importance,

so why should we live?

Couldn’t this vast, magic

cosmos, this speckled star dream,

mean we’re just wee specks?

Idk. They’re only

three petty haikus;

I’m only human.

All I might

Know for sure

Lies within Neil

DeGrasse Tyson’s video:

We’re in this

Universe, and it

Is in us.

It’s in you.

Isn’t that beautiful?

And a worthy

Reason to live?

You are wondrous.

You are unique.

You are magical.

Your life is

The astounding fact.

Author’s Note:


Surprise! Two posts in 24 hours. (The other: Four Major Life Updates.) Anyway, watch that short—but life-changing—video at the top literally right now; it is the inspiration behind this post and many others. Thank me later, after you get those goosebumps. And if you’re real, please share and/or like & comment. Gotta exploit these skills to give you some chills and pay my bills! Thank you.