Where is the Love?

At this very moment, as you read this,

Millions of humans are making love,

Fusing spirits, passion, and infinite bliss.


Many who make it

Will reproduce, making a new heart,

Full of energy, empathy, and grit.


These little beating hearts

Will grow, mingle, & make more

And more love, driving up the charts.


Indeed, we have so much heart,

Among our growing hearts,

And make love—like it’s an art.


So, why is it still so well-known

That among us

So little love is shown?

I Found Some Love

You readers inspire me with your support.

You are the frenzied power I feel in my lungs.

You are the quaking jets that rumble below my feet.

You are the beating heart that lashes out, telling me to

Look through my window, at this cruel world, and

Light up its dark skies with luscious licks of

Lucid and starry and paralyzing

Lovely, loving literary love.

I missed National Poetry Day because Boston University is even more difficult than I expected, but I hope those little poems make up for it. Speaking of, I’ll give myself more time to finish the novel, but you will see my first poetry book next year; I already have 25 poems! Also, in further celebration of the day, here are two slam poems for you:

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