Donald Trump is not my president.

He is just another corrupt, unintelligent,

pro-establishment, neocon embarrassment

who only fooled the uneducated & the hellbent.

And considering this tax bill, I will no longer be silent.


He grabs pussies,

silences scientific studies,

systemically oppresses minorities,

and wastes your taxes in spending sprees

on the benefactors who funded his victories.


He works only for these benefactors:

the fossil fuel companies, manufacturers,

the military industrial complex, big bankers,

and the rest of the crazy Wall Street wankers.

He does NOT work for you or me or any others.


So if you actually

support him simply

because he is against PC

and claims to represent the GOP,

know that he doesn’t have ONE good policy.


It doesn’t matter if it relates to the economy,

diplomacy, legislation, appointments, bureaucracy,

ties with his political party, ties with any certain lobby,

or clandestine ties in and out of the corporate oligarchy.

Obama is superior in every way—I dare you to debate me.



#TheResistance #Bernie2020

P.S. The stock market has been regularly breaking its own all-time high record for almost five years now. If you never even knew this, don’t waste our time on economics.

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