ABOUT LUKE: I was born at Dallas’s “Ebola Hospital” in 1996; that’s one of my life’s few truths. Otherwise, for better or worse, you could say I’m very much an enigmatic figure. I loathe and struggle with meeting or encountering anybody I don’t know, yet I can quickly and comfortably have incredibly deep conversations with strangers mere minutes beyond those initial moments of tense small talk. English was always my worst class—in performance as well as interest—throughout grade school, but now it’s the identity to which I’m attached. I love traveling, nature, and sports, yet I sometimes stay in my house for days. I’m good at every sport, but not excellent at any single one. I have hundreds of friends, yet very few with whom I’m close. Often I feel like I’m the most bizarre human on Earth, then I’ll be reminded that I am not objectively unique. I can go months without doing anything, but still manage to stay up until 5 or 6 am every night—contemplating a trillion things or having an existential crisis. Sometimes I don’t think my brain is capable of experiencing sadness or happiness, and at other times I’m overwhelmed by emotion. Infamously, I also sometimes flip moods on a second’s basis, a tendency whose effect on people I have a perpetual obligation to placate.

Know that I don’t care what you look like, whom you love, what you do on Friday nights, where you work on Mondays, what you worship, what you’ve done, what you do, or anything else. I’m nothing more than a body of molecules, suspended and confused on a pale blue dot in the swirling corner of a random galaxy—so I might as well think on my own behalf and be open to others. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. I love encountering new ideas and experiences, and I thoroughly dread monotonous days; spontaneous fun is important. Tired of the notion that life is about being “happy,” as I’ll never be in a consistent, placid state of happiness—or unhappiness, either—I’ve decided my own personal conception of living life to its fullest. This personal conception essentially consists of finding joy in my every moment as well as investing in the rest of humanity—which is where you all come into play. Speaking of, I don’t have any enemies anymore; holding grudges and snarky looks never did anything beneficial for me, so I’m done with them—I like and want to know all of you (and you readers will inevitably know a lot about me, too). I dare you to comment and put your name on the screen pictured below.


ABOUT THIS BLOG: I’m fed up with the widespread cynicism we all encounter everywhere—and the despicable division it entails, too. I want technology to bring people together, and my words on here are dedicated to indiscriminately instilling inspiration, insight, and imagination into anybody that dares to listen. I want to slip new opinions under the doors of those who’ve spent their whole lives shackled in environments that preconditioned them into accepting particular ideologies. I want to challenge others—as well as myself. Here’s one catch to that, though: I’d love to challenge “the norm” by ranting about how overrated I find, for example, Deadpool and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be, but I’ve learned an even better thing to do than that—discuss the movies, music, paintings, literature, and other art that I find beautiful and underrated. I try to supply a viscous oratory blend of marveling, questioning, and appreciating various things—from the intangible, abstract ways of the universe to the everyday stuff that you can buy, sell, hear, see, or feel. Still, I don’t try to push “an agenda,” but I definitely want to see more people thinking for themselves—whether or not they’re led to my conclusions.

In summary, I run this site to brand scorching inspiration into ALL people—with the hope that the words on this page (mine and those of commenters too) provoke others to be a more cultured, passionate, efficacious, optimistic, and personable self.


I’m studying English and history at Boston University, so there’s some context. In broader interests, I love film and music of all types—look my name up on Spotify; any type of breakfast (at any time); cats—especially my family’s illustrious, immortal, and hilarious half-Siamese, half-Tabby one… his name: “Big Brown” (we have another named Satan, but he’s obviously less laudable); psychology, especially in the application of sleep, drugs, and mental health; Real Madrid and the rest of “the real football,” (I wore #7 and played forward for the men’s Baylor soccer team—check out my soccer blog here; art, especially the Renaissance and Post-Impressionism, though I’ve studied every era since Greek Hellenism—check out my art blog here; philosophy, everything from Aristotle to Kant and Nietzsche; traveling—I’ve been to approximately 17 countries in Europe; physics—especially astrophysics (mostly beyond the scope of our solar system); and enjoying life—an ambiguous claim, sure.

DEEP STUFF: I have very pronounced religious, political, and philosophical opinions, but I won’t simply lay them out here. No single word should be used to describe one person’s myriad world of conflicting, racing, and dynamic thoughts regarding spirituality or the concept of a god; likewise, no single word can encapsulate one’s political thoughts regarding foreign policy, social issues, handling the economy, etc. These words are nothing more than labels, and labels do nothing more than divide. They rub clean white shoes into a pile of mud and laugh as the whiteness fades into a bland mesh of monstrous brown—and the shoes’ uniqueness (in color, smell, and texture) is swallowed out by the mud’s oozing omnipresence; they feed you to a lion’s den of stereotypes and gag you while proclaiming the structure of your beliefs. Again, I don’t want to divide people with our labels and avowed differences anymore; I’ve spent enough time barraging others with my focused laser beam of intense cynicism, and I’ve continuously watched as that beam always divided—and never solved anything. (My sole word: Bernie.)

Regarding my extensive history with mental health issues, I won’t smack labels on my forehead just yet. Anyway, my blog, being subject to constant revision, may be nice and sanitized—but I am a dark, provocative, and controversial subject. I struggle to sleep every night, armed with cannons and fireballs of depressed or manic thoughts (about, say, how much I hate “society”); on lonesome car rides, I often find myself screaming with fierce road rage; in my head or out my mouth, I often tear apart the identity and essence of somebody I’m bothered by—and sometimes even people I love; etc. In fact, anytime I go a few weeks without posting on here, it’s probably due to my mental and cardiovascular health, and you will find evidence of my perpetual skirmishes on this site.

087Like an endless chess match, mental health is a constant fight for me.

MY FUTURE: I’d love to send you all a complete impression of the things I’ll achieve in my life, but the reality is that I don’t even know if I want to graduate college—much less figure out my future jobs. My current friends say I’ll be a “writer”; my earlier friends thought I’d be anything but a writer (politician, lawyer, entrepreneur, astronomer, mathematician, geographer, historian, consultant, film critic, music critic, computer engineer, sports analyst, social media commentator, etc.); and I can’t smack these self-fulfilling prophesies on myself. I am not a practical hands-on worker; I get distracted very easily; I am obsessed with too many different things; I hate everything about the corporate world; and repetitive days are my Kryptonite—so I probably wouldn’t be content walking along one job path anyway. As a kid, I always hated it when people asked me what I wanted to be in my adult years. And with the exponential rise of technology within our broadening world of information societies, I won’t be absolutely forced to stick with one traditional vocation, anyway.

AND THIS SITE’S FUTURE: Given my personal interests, experiences, and goals, this site is currently the best platform for me to invest in right now. But I don’t simply want to be a “writer.” I want to create a t-shirt company; I want to establish a Vice-type company and run a website that compiles novel stories, ideas, and perspectives; I want to create my own art; I want to improve education; I want to write books and blogs; and I want to be an inspiration to strangers. How my blog can facilitate these goals will dictate its direction.

WRITING INFO: I tried to give you a glimpse of my maximalist writing style in the sections above. I love semicolons, parentheses, em dashes, descriptive sentences, and fluid transitional words. I pay attention to acute detail in everything I describe because that’s the level of confrontation and intimacy I like—a fierce one.As one would thus expect, I loathe the cold minimalist writing style that many English teachers preach nowadays—it seems to depersonalize everything except for the humdrum academic trash AP English sanctifies. I don’t mind using histrionic alliteration, playing around with double entendres, and experimenting with language! Call me a rebellious millennial! I’m too ADHD to read books (though I’m going to write them), so I built my vocabulary through reading online articles. Still, my first college major was astrophysics, and I haven’t taken any upper-level English courses yet—again, I was always a math/science/social-studies guy in grade school—so my writings are the work of an apprentice; you’ll notice the growing gap between my early and recent writings. You know what they say: “Practice makes perfect.” Basically, I’m here to express, not impress—albeit I won’t sulk if I manage to do both. Also, I do support the Oxford comma.

CONTACT: For inquiries, please email me at luketatkins@gmail.com. Let me add a few concessions, though. I do not accept community blogging awards anymore; How to Make Your Blog Famous does a better job of providing blogging tips than I would over email; and I’d prefer that you send informal messages to me through blog comments. Thank you.

P.S. I often communicate with an isolated, enamored intensity that may be linked to anything from histrionic passion to polarized arrogance to comprehensive narcissism, depending on the reader. If you ever find yourself pitying me, for parading my accomplishments or voicing skewed personal opinions or whatever else that bothers you, please know that I send my most sincere condolences; it is not my intention to elevate my ego for selfish reasons—or to act like only my abstract conviction of truth is right—and consider that my principal goal is to be voraciously real. Thus, unless facing justifiable reasons, I try to avoid both modesty and pomposity.

Enough about me. Feel free to describe yourself and/or your site in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and I hope you all will stick around.


340 thoughts on “About

  1. ” I want to slip new opinions under the doors of those who’ve spent their whole lives shackled in environments that preconditioned them into accepting particular ideologies”
    so happy to have found your site. please keep slipping opinions out there.


  2. Nailed it! Thanks for including this quote, . “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment,” Ralph Waldo Emerson. I could not resonate more with this! Thank you for being so modest and honest 😎

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  3. WOW!! This was an interesting read!! A mini-bio!! You are all over the place man, very versatile!! I feel I know a lot about you now!! Anyway, I’m a Film Fanatic, and my Blog is mainly do with Cinema!! Not a great fan of sports, though!!
    Glad to have found your Blog!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not much of a commenter, but I couldn’t help myself. Luke, this introduction alone was pretty damn flawless. Congrats.
    I’m super keen to check out all of your published blogs and even more excited to see what you post in future.
    Keep doing what you do, we all appreciate your superlative talent.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how
    to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from my iphone.
    I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this problem.

    If you have any recommendations, please share. Thank you!


  6. Hey Luke,

    I just want to thank you for following and liking my post! I just finished reading your about me and I like how straightforward and honest you are though your blog. I want to emulate that! Anyways I hope to keep in contact with you too! Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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