Films of the Month

I will recommend a couple of songs, films, and artworks each month. It’s hard for anyone to do this because the target audience of all forms of art vary, but I’ll see what I can do. Be ready for a scattered palette of works; it’s all for you!

October, 2017

Let’s face it: If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, your life is incomplete. Christopher Nolan’s directing is dreamlike; the action scenes are exhilarating; and the story is captivating. Meanwhile, Heath Ledger puts in one of the best acting performances of all time and Christian Bale owns a ton of badass stuff in his Batcave. The list continues.

As visually and intellectually surreal as one could imagine, 2001: A Space Odyssey becomes more and more relevant to society every day.

September, 2017

I may not be a fan of the Iraq War—but I am a huge, huge fan of this film about it. The Hurt Locker is almost documentary-like in both its cinematography and screenplay; Jeremy Renner is absolutely stunning; and you would be quite challenged to find a film with equally profound levels of fear, tension, heart, meticulousness, and bravery. This is a must-see for anybody who likes war films.

Dear young people: I know it looks cheesy AF—I thought the same thing until I saw it last year—but this movie is one of the best classics out there. It is rhythmic and fast-paced. It is entertaining. It is compelling. You will have gone through 90 minutes of satisfaction in quite a breeze.


August, 2017

The trailer speaks for itself; The Grand Budapest Hotel is a paradigm by every standard of technicality and creativity. It should certainly be required viewing for all film aficionados!

Roger Ebert’s favorite film, The Tree of Life, is remarkably mind blowing, philosophically evocative, and visually stunning.

July, 2017

Spirited Away is easily the greatest animated film of all time.

Pulp Fiction. The GOAT.

June, 2017

Lost in Translation is my personal all-time favorite film; I’ll say more about it elsewhere.

You saw me rank it as the #1 of 2016 and you saw me predict that it would win Best Picture. I’ve said enough, and the trailer says enough; Moonlight is one of the best films ever made. This year’s winner is the perfect beginning to this list!


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