The 4 Songs of the Month

“Remind me if I get off track, but—beginning in June of 2017—I’m going to add four songs, films, and artworks each month. It’s hard for anyone to do this because the target audience of all forms of art vary, but I’ll see what I can do. Be ready for a scattered palette of works; it’s all for you!” P.S. Check out my many, many Spotify playlists if you want. Enjoy!


June, 2017

I try not to curse due to the wide audience, but let’s keep it raw and blunt: Jimi Hendrix was a true badass. Greatest guitarist ever? You tell me.

Quite simply, this song is beautiful in every way. Wait for the end; just do it. So much emotion, so much nuance, and so much power.

This R&B/rap song (with touches of hip-hop, electronica, and some guitar strums) from the ultra intelligent singer-songwriter Frank Ocean is one of my all-time favorites. The first 100 seconds are alright, but the rest is BRILLIANT (with some of the best musical production you will ever hear). Watch out if you don’t like curse words—this song features some, as it’s about growing up with both dreams and poverty, Frank’s life being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, his cocaine addiction while at the University of New Orleans, and the monotony of always battling mental health—but this video boasts universally appealing elements of music and photography. And if you’re a huge music head, you will enjoy!

Cheers to a radical beginning of this list. Why? Jesus Walks is a radical song. Jesus was a radical dude; he hung out with the tax collectors and prostitutes—he preached love to all. So why can’t you talk about him in a hit rap single, not just church, even if humanists (like me) and co. are listening? Nobody else had done it. Then Kanye came around. Plus he synthesized Jesus with commentary on racism, imperialistic history, contemporary politics, and more. What a legend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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