Beneath the adorned skin that dozes on your body—your beliefs, social status, interests, & darkest secrets—lies a skeleton. I too have that spooky collection of bones; moreover, you & I both have a powerful gem hiding inside our skulls: a brain. You are invited to explore mine. Granted, I’m just some kid, drowned in fateful anonymity by billions of others. Still, I’ve suffered miserable mistakes; I’ve celebrated amazing achievements; I’ve made daring & questionable decisions; & I’ve learned from it all. But, to quote Einstein, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” So, we don’t really know anything at all, but that useful quandary—the imagination, creativity, and expression that blossoms from our compiled inquisitorial perplexity—ultimately heightens our constructed realities. Together, let’s enjoy them on this site.


Why is this random guy a self-pronounced “Neorenaissance Man,” you ask? Some people say I’m the smartest, most interesting person they’ve ever met, while others call me an aimless lunatic. My cat sheds more fur every day than my eyes have ever shed. I resist conventional syntax and create words. I can ponder futurism in a dark room for days. I’m an autodidact who—in lieu of socializing—spends his time on the Internet learning, like, everything.

I really am interested in basically every topic you can name. Astrophysics; Wes Anderson films; art; music festivals; Paris; modern media; psychology & mental health; Vedic math; European history; US & global politics; Bobby Fischer’s chess career; Radiohead; architecture; “CoD”; religions; European football; geography; Jon Snow; Rasputin’s death; anime; Spain; Reddit; economics; Mars rovers; Genghis Khan; travel; Mensa; law; Kendrick Lamar; theater; John Dillinger; sudoku; David Foster Wallace; pi; Odesza; Banksy; parkour; Pixar & Miyazaki; Kubrick; photography; neuroscience; Beethoven; education’s future; Kant; string theory; the Renaissance- the ludicrous list is limitless. Also, I’ve been told by some academics that I have an eidetic memory, which may contribute to my desire to know everything, but I cannot call that scientifically proven—though I do know 300 digits of pi and once memorized every one of the world’s capital cities.

I love shoes, chips & queso, Cristiano Ronaldo- you name it.

How and why did I become so learning-obsessed? These two excerpts from My Crazy Suicide Story will summarize: “I was an addict—addicted to death. I would scour the dark web and watch videos of people getting killed or committing suicide, and I would often feel nothing afterwards. I thought I was the biggest madman in human history.” So, being a suicidal and hyper-depressed “madman,” I’d spend many hours on my phone every night, “skimming through existential philosophy, art (and its anguished creators), depressing music, geography, social studies, optical illusions, theoretical paradoxes, and legions of other random things… I became perpetually obsessed with music, film, frivolous trivia, social media, history, and learning in general… They let me feel less alone in my dull, driftless, and despicable existence.” Now I’m past the suicidal days, but they still affect my life in incalculable ways, and lots of you will relate.

My bona fide role model is Kanye West; read my probe of Yeezus here. (It’s probably my masterpiece, at least for now.)

What is the Renaissance? Read this post, The Renaissances.

What is this made-up term, “Neorenaissance,” anyway? The Internet’s birth has rapidly expedited millennia of human progress within two decades, and we are at its forefront: a “Neorenaissance” of sorts! We can learn about anything recorded in man’s 195,000+ years; the Internet can bring you friends, hobbies, opinions, news, and my thoughts; and social media’s viability is endless. Moreover, we know technology will continue to exponentially increase. Surely, we must be dwelling in a Neorenaissance, and I know this from experience—as my iPhone brought me a titanic bulk of the things I know and enjoy. Now it’s time to grab my hand and help me explore them in these posts!

img_9287I love colors. Show me your colors! Because this blog isn’t about me—it’s about all of us, our ideas and experiences. Throw your voice in with a comment!


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  1. I read every one of your posts. I’m working on my own blog at the moment, and you’re quite the inspiration. If you could give me just one tip on how to gain an audience what would it be? 🙂


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