The 4 Films of the Month

“Remind me if I get off track, but—beginning in June of 2017—I’m going to add four songs, films, and artworks each month. It’s hard for anyone to do this because the target audience of all forms of art vary, but I’ll see what I can do. Be ready for a scattered palette of works; it’s all for you!”

June, 2017

Pulp Fiction. The GOAT.

Roger Ebert’s favorite film, The Tree of Life, is remarkably mind blowing, philosophically evocative, and visually stunning.

Lost in Translation is my personal all-time favorite film; I’ll say more about it elsewhere.

You saw me rank it as the #1 of 2016 and you saw me predict that it would win Best Picture. I’ve said enough, and the trailer says enough; Moonlight is one of the best films ever made. This year’s winner is the perfect beginning to this list!

Thanks for stopping by.

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